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I feel so left out so often. But I honestly have a very weak personality (unless I’m drinking... then I’m bold af)…

@evillecowboyfan Fuuuuuck no. 😂

Disco’s paw next to Jeb’s paw print. 😭 @ Bloomington, Indiana

I guess I’m working in #btown tonight at @NghtMvsStripper because I’m far too lazy to drive all the way back to…

@SwardsonNick Well thank ya!

My back hurts incredibly bad from working tonight. I wonder wtf I did to myself now... Gym this week for fucking sure.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror & think, “Wow all of this meat is going to be rotting in a coffin someday”?

Was at @NghtMvsStripper tonight/last night for #halfpricelapdances night!! I might work there again tomorrow night…

@LuluKramer Yeah it has been on mine too. I want to investigate this culture. I’m so excited that I actually got hi…

@superguard22 Haha! It’s really not shit.

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